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“Essential Thermodynamics” is an undergraduate textbook primarily for chemical engineering students. It covers basic principles of equilibrium for macroscopic systems and includes elementary microscopic concepts.  A strong emphasis is placed on fundamentals: energy conservation in open and closed systems (first law), temperature, entropy and reversibility (second law), fundamental equations, and criteria for equilibrium and stability.  These concepts are then applied to the analysis of energy conversion processes, mixing, phase equilibria, and chemical reactions.


  1. 1.Introduction                                     6. Equilibrium and Stability

  2. 2.Work, Heat and Energy                 7. Pure Component Properties

  3. 3.Reversibility and Entropy               8. Mixture Properties

  4. 4.Power Generation and Cooling       9. Phase Equilibria of Mixtures

  5. 5.Fundamental Equations                 10. Chemical Reaction Equilibria

Drios Press, 2011

ISBN: 1451564945

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